Steve welcomes to his music studio students with skills ranging from the beginner to the advanced. He gives private lessons for piano, classical organ and harpsichord.  A free initial evaluation is provided by appointment. Lessons follow an organized approach that utilizes the student's accomplishments to steadily build skills and confidence in the areas of music theory, technique, ear training, sight reading and performance.  Every lesson conducted at the studio is notated for practice sessions and future reference.  Students are taught to not only play or sing, but to read and thoroughly interpret the written score.  Those interested in performing are encouraged to prepare pieces of recital caliber.  

An experienced recital artist, Steve Benson provides performance coaching for both vocalists and instrumentalists.  His in-house recording studio may be utilized to produce reference recordings for the purpose of self-evaluation, audition, permanent record or publication.  His experience as a recording engineer and choral conductor provides a trained ear that helps to achieve a higher level of performance preparation for each situation.

Please use the contact form to inquire about private lessons.